Custom hard bound laptop case

In a previous life, I used to create hand-bound books, though I have not had the chance to use those skills in a long time.  But in looking around on the internet for a case for my new laptop, I couldn’t find anything I liked.  Book Book came close, though, but I didn’t like the price, and the style was not quite right.  Nothing a trip to the local art supply store couldn’t fix.

$25 later, I had most of the supplies I needed (the rest hiding in a box at home) to create my own custom laptop case.  Using traditional bookmaking techniques, a few bandaids, and the fitted book boxes here as inspiration, I made this:

It’s not perfect (is version 1.0 ever?) but it protects it very nicely when I am carrying it around the house or at the café.  There are even tabs holding it to the screen, so you can open it up and use it without removing the case

As an added bonus, if you put it in a bookcase full of hardbound books, it practically disappears…

2 thoughts on “Custom hard bound laptop case

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